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The ideal monitor for your home office

Date: 22/03/2022

All the information you need to select the perfect monitor for your Work-from-home-table .

You want to buy a new monitor, but can't see the wood for the trees? In addition, you read about all sorts of technical terms such as USB-C, Daisy Chain and Vesa, making you completely unsure where to start. In this article we will try to explain in an understandable way what you can take into account when selecting your monitor. We will also give you advice on how to easily find the most suitable monitor for you.

First of all, it is good to get an idea about what technical choices exist at all and what specific monitor features are important in combination with the Work-from-home-table. In addition, of course, everyone has their own ideal home office.

Technical monitor terms

There are some techniques you need to know in order to choose your ideal home monitor.

USB-C connection with power delivery; Previously, everyone connected his/her laptop to the monitor with an HDMI cable. In addition, a second cable controlled the power supply to the laptop. Nowadays, it is possible to run both image transmission and power delivery through a single cable. Very convenient because this means you have to use fewer cables and your workstation becomes less cluttered. This is called USB-C with power delivery and is a feature that more and more monitors are equipped with. The important thing is that not only your monitor but also your laptop supports USB-C. Does your laptop not have this connection? Then you can still consider purchasing a monitor with USB-C. That way you are well prepared for the future and can use USB-C when you replace your laptop later.

A USB-C cable has an oval shape.

Daisy Chain; If you want to connect two monitors to your laptop, you might consider choosing a monitor with Daisy Chain. This means that the first screen your laptop is connected to is looped through to the second screen. This has a number of advantages. First, you no longer need a docking station and don't sacrifice an extra port on your laptop. In addition, you have fewer cables in sight and keep your workspace uncluttered. Also with Daisy Chain, it is important that not only your monitor but also your laptop supports this function.

Daisy chain for a tidy home office
Daisy Chain setup.

Monitor in conjunction with the Work-from-home-table

When you want to install one or more monitors in the Work-from-home-table, there are a few things you can take into account. First of all, in terms of size, we recommend choosing a 24 inch monitor but it is also possible to install a 27-inch monitor. 27 inches is currently the maximum size for a monitor.
Do you prefer to use two monitors? A maximum of two 24-inch monitors will fit in the Work-from-home-table of 160 cm long. In the table of 200 cm lang fits both two 24-inch and two 27-inch monitors.

For the Work-from-home-table we do not prescribe maximum monitor thickness prescribed. Nevertheless, it is best to choose the thinnest monitor possible. The thinner the monitor, the nicer it fits the table. A monitor between 4 cm and 5.5 cm thick is a good choice. Thinner is always allowed, of course.

Connections of the monitor should be on the bottom of the screen. On some monitors, the connectors are on the back. These are not suitable for use in the Work-from-home-table because they do not allow the monitor to be mounted tightly against the "wall" of the Work-from-home-table .

We offer thin monitor brackets so you can mount the monitor in the table. It is important that your monitor has a Vesa connection. This is nothing more than 4 holes at a fixed distance on the back of your monitor. If there are 4 holes on the back of your monitor -see pictures below-, this is always a Vesa connection. 

Personal preferences for your home monitor

After reading the information above, hopefully you've gotten a better idea of the range of different monitors available. Ultimately, of course, it comes down to your personal workplace preferences. To easily search for the monitor that meets all your needs, you can use the price comparison website This website offers many filter options to help you easily make the right choice.

What monitors does Work-from-home-table recommend? We use Samsung S60A monitors. You can find it in our photo and video publications and in our showroom. In our opinion a very nice monitor. The monitor has both USB-C with power delivery and Daisy Chain and can be used perfectly in combination with the Work-from-home-table.

Do you have a specific question after reading this article?
Then feel free contact with us and we will provide you with personalized advice.

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