5 tips for relaxed and ergonomic working from home!

This is how you make working from home more fun and increase your productivity.

Working from home, by now we have all become quite used to it. That's just not to say that this way of working is for everyone. Is your productivity at home a lot lower? Or do you often suffer from back, neck or fatigue complaints at the end of a working day? Chances are that your way of working is not yet ergonomically sound and could use a boost! We help you with 5 handy tips so that you can get more out of your workday at home.

Tip 1: Plan your day

Making a clear schedule is always a good idea, of course, but especially when working from home is a real must. How tempting is it to do a quick wash when you have that one boring task to do? Of course you can, but it is not the intention that you do not get your work done. So keep this in mind in your planning. Plan not only business to-do's, but also household chores and enough space for relaxation in between. Extended lunches, lots of exercise and a breath of fresh air in between will increase your productivity. And that's what we want, right!

Tip 2: Making appointments

Do you and your partner both work from home, have kids over regularly or live with roommates? In that case, a relaxed working day starts with making clear arrangements. It's great to be home, of course, but there's work to be done! Let your partner or housemates know what times you are available and when they should not disturb you. Even with kids, it's handy to go over your schedule together in the morning. Are they still young? Then arrange something so they know when they absolutely must not disturb you, such as a light on your desk or dining table that you turn on as soon as you are in a meeting.

Tip 3: Create order out of chaos

You've probably heard it passed by before: 'a tidy home is a tidy head'. For good reason, because it really is true. For a relaxed working day, a tidy workplace is essential. Therefore a pleasant workplace for yourself. Preferably in a space where you feel comfortable; because this works inspiring and has a positive effect on your productivity. So preferably not in a messy, small attic room. It is also important to invest in good - preferably ergonomic - furniture in order to work as comfortably as possible.

Tip 4: Keep work and personal life separate

Keeping work and home separate is quite a challenge while working from home. Yet, this is important to be able to relax properly. So, is your workday over? Then really end it by cleaning up your workspace. Of course, this is even easier if you can set up a separate room in your home as a workplace, but don't have this luxury? Then our Work-from-home-table is of course a great solution. That way you work completely according to ergonomic guidelines during the day and in the evening you literally close your workday in one move. So you never have to look at your work stuff in the evening or over the weekend with a slanted eye again. How convenient!

Tip 5: Working ergonomically is key!

Are your arms and legs at a 90-degree angle while working? Do you always sit with a straight back? And can your feet still rest flat on the floor? Then you're already well on your way. If not? Chances are you'll be struggling with back, neck or fatigue issues after your day at home. Ergonomics is key when it comes to relaxed and productive work. So familiarize yourself with ergonomic guidelines and set up your workspace accordingly. Believe us, it's worth the investment! Don't feel like studying it yourself? Visit us at our showroom and experience how Work-from-home-table makes your life easier.

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