This is how we helped furnish a tiny house!

A behind-the-scenes look at the RTL4 program Tiny House Battle.

Have you ever lived in a house of less than 30m²? Then you know that small living can be quite challenging. You simply don't have room for everything and soon have to make choices. So you can imagine that when furnishing a tiny house, multifunctional furniture is the solution. And that is exactly our cup of tea are!

Going viral

In early 2020, Jan-Paul posted a video on LinkedIn of his homemade Work-from-home-table. This turned out to be a hit, as it went completely viral! There was quite some interest in this multifunctional table and the messages poured in. So did Floris and Maurits contact us about their participation in the brand new RTL4 program: Tiny House Battle.

Let the battle begin!

Tiny houses are more popular than ever, and we get it! Not only are they fun to look at, they're also sustainable. And best of all: you're no longer stuck with that sky-high mortgage. In each episode of the program Tiny House Battle, two teams compete to build the perfect cottage for the same client. They are given just one week. On the last day, the two tiny houses are decorated and revealed to the client. The team of the tiny house chosen by the customer wins.

Help setting up a tiny house

Floris and Maurice's desire was to create for their client a dining room and workspace in one dining room. For this, of course, they came to the right place. At their request, we designed a Work-from-home-table customized. Yes, a real tiny Work-from-home-table! Of course Jan-Paul visited the gentlemen himself to deliver the table. They were very enthusiastic and of course so were we. So cool to see our table reflected in the interior of the beautiful tiny house the men had designed.

The final result

The final result could be admired on TV on December 13, 2021. With a bowl of popcorn on our laps, we proudly sat and watched the final result. Interior designer Debby Puttiger even called our table a "showpiece" and "a really cool, fun thing"! You understand, our evening couldn't go wrong. Despite the fact that the client ultimately did not choose Floris and Maurice's cottage, the gentlemen did a fantastic job as far as we are concerned. And the nice thing is, their Tiny House is for sale complete with furnishings and all. So also with our Work-from-home-table in it. Are you interested or just curious? Then take a peek

Saving space in the home

Furnishing a tiny house efficiently is quite a challenge, but even in a normal home, lack of space is sometimes a problem. For example, don't you have anywhere to put a decent desk, but you have to work from home a lot? Chances are you often work at the dining room table. Understandable, but obviously not ideal. Usually you don't sit in an ergonomic position, which can lead to neck and back problems. Moreover, this quickly makes your dining table cluttered. And a messy house, is a messy head! Therefore, rather invest in our Work-from-home-table. This way you work ergonomically, always have a tidy workplace and save space as well. 

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