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Unique Dutch patented design

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  • Table length

    Choose your desired table length

    • 1 140 cm 0,00

    • 1 160 cm 50,00

    • 1 180 cm 100,00

    • 1 200 cm 150,00

    • 220 cm long dining table 220 cm 200,00

  • Table color

    Choose your desired color

    • 1 Natural oak 0,00

    • 1 Dark brown oak 0,00

    • 1 White oak 0,00

    • 1 Natural oak 0,00

    • 1 Dark brown oak 0,00

    • 1 White oak 0,00

    • 1 Natural oak 0,00

    • 1 Dark brown oak 0,00

    • 1 White oak 0,00

    • 1 Natural oak 0,00

    • 1 Dark brown oak 0,00

    • 1 White oak 0,00

    • 1 Natural oak 0,00

    • 1 dark brown oak 0,00

    • 1 White oak 0,00

  • Base

    Choose your desired base

    • 1 Straight n-model 0,00

    • 1 Trapezoidal model 0,00

    • 1 Straight n-model 0,00

    • 1 Trapezoidal model 0,00

    • 1 Straight n-model 0,00

    • 1 Trapezoidal model 0,00

    • 1 Straight n-model 0,00

    • 1 Trapezoidal model 0,00

    • 1 Straight n-model 0,00

    • 1 Trapezoidal model 0,00

  • Monitor bracket VESA

    Excluding the monitor itself.

    • 1 No monitor bracket 0,00

    • 1 One monitor bracket 0,00

    • 1 Two monitor brackets 0,00

  • Socket

    Power strip with 5 outlets

    • 1 No power strip 0,00

    • 1 Socket included 0,00

Total Price 3.849,00


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Always tidy

Within 3 seconds you close your workspace and transform it into a stylish dining table.

Space saving

With our multipurpose table, you save space in your home and work wonderfully in the living room. 

Unique Dutch design

Unique Dutch patented design. Also, our tables are manufactured in the Netherlands.

Cleverly conceived, convenient to use

Due to the many clever features, the table is very nice to use; built-in drip chute, folding security, gas spring support, child lock etc. 

Paying in installments

A 50% deposit and the balance just before delivery.

From work table to dining table
in 3 seconds

Do you have no room for a home office, do you suddenly find yourself working from home with several people at the same time, or do you prefer to work in the living room? Or are you tired of having to clean up the dining table every time after work? Then the Work-from-home-table is the solution for you. With this dining table you can transform your dining room into the ideal workplace within seconds. Finished working? Fold down the table top and your home office makes way for a stylish dining table. Tidying up has never been easier! The extendable worktop provides space for your laptop, mouse and keyboard and allows you to work at a comfortable distance from your monitor. The worktop height for your mouse and keyboard is 72cm high. The top of our multipurpose dining table has a height of 80cm high. All our tables have the same width of 95cm.

With the steel table legs with scratch-resistant powder coating and the table top with high-quality oak veneer, you give your table a tough industrial look.

Work-from-home-table in people's homes

  • Rarely have I been so satisfied with a purchase. The Work-from-home-table is the focal point of my apartment any time of day! The unique innovation of a workspace combined with a dining table fits my lifestyle exactly. I work remotely with innovations, for which I travel often and live modestly but centrally. In addition, I like to invite family and friends to have a nice meal at a spacious table. The Work-from-home-table makes this possible!

    Rob S.
  • The Work-from-home-table is the hotspot at our house. We live small and both work from home so this is the ideal solution. When we are not working we use the table to play games with friends or our cat loves to chill on it and keep an eye on us.

    Robin van G.
  • Still very happy with Work-from-home-table who designed this beautiful table.

    Working on one side and playing, coloring or eating on the other. Not only functional, also very beautiful to look at. A nice space-saving solution in my small home.

    Belinda K.
  • So terribly happy with our Work-from-home-table!!! Super nice table to eat or play games at and very nice to work at.

    Geert-Jan P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Work-from-home-table is a completely new product, this innovation naturally raises interesting questions. The most frequently asked questions are answered on our website. If your question is not listed, we will be happy to help you.
The current delivery time for the Work-from-home-table 2.0 is approximately 3 months. Our tables are lovingly custom-made by Dutch craftsmen. And that simply takes a little longer. But in the end you will have a unique and innovative piece of furniture for the ultimate home office experience. We promise you, it's worth the wait.
We require a deposit of 50% of the total amount at the time of ordering. We then get to work producing your Work-from-home-table . Approximately two weeks before delivery, we will send you a message asking you to pay the remaining amount. 

If you have one or more displays of your own that you want to mount (or have mounted) in the Work-from-home-table, there are a number of specifications to consider.

  • Size: a 24 or 27-inch screen is a perfect screen size.
  • Thickness: the flatter the monitor the less of the hidden workspace can be seen when the table is closed.
  • Mounting: the monitor must support the Vesa standard in order to be mounted to the monitor bracket to be ordered with it.
  • Connections: the connectors should be on the bottom of the screen.
  • Optional: Usb-c connection with power delivery. When your laptop supports this connection, you no longer need a separate adapter to power your laptop.

Read our article on the ideal monitor for more information.

The work surface that holds your mouse and keyboard is 72 cm high from the ground. The work surface can be slid in under the stationary top, which has room for a mouse 5 cm high. 
The current table is not height adjustable. However, we are developing an electrically adjustable sit-stand frame. Price and date of publication are still unknown.
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